Local food and beverage conglomerate Farsons Group honoured late former Chairman and Managing Director Anthony Miceli-Farrugia (better known as Is-Sur Niní) with a bronze bust.

Chev. Miceli-Farrugia was appointed Managing Director in 1959, following the untimely death of entrepreneur Lewis V. Farrugia. His input was instrumental in the development of Kinnie – one of Malta’s oldest soft drinks.

“Sculpted by Noel Galea Bason, a specialist in portrait sculptures, the bronze bust was unveiled at Farsons Corporate Offices on Friday 10th June 2022,” Farsons Group wrote.

“Kinnie, which is Chev. Miceli-Farrugia’s brainchild, celebrates its 70th anniversary this month,” it continued.

The late Chairman introduced Farsons Group into the catering business, mainly through Express Catering Company Limited (operator of ‘Wimpy’ restaurants chain) and the development of the Fortizza restaurant.

During Chev. Miceli-Farrugia’s tenure, the importation of wines and spirits was consolidated by the formation of a dedicated company – Wands Limited, nowadays known as FBIC.

“Now, Team Farsons have a permanent presence of Is-Sur Niní and the impressive history behind the brand we love so much,” the group concluded.

Farsons Group presently produces a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, such as the Cisk range, San Michel, and Kinnie and represents a plethora of international food, beverage, and restaurant brands locally.

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