Mark Bugeja, Head of HR at local food and beverage importer-distributor Nectar, took to social media to hark back to 1991 and recall the company’s humble beginnings.

“Every organisation has its own humble beginnings, and Nectar is no stranger,” Mr Bugeja began.

“Our Founder, Charles Abela, started his business with a Ford like the one in the photo, selling sweets as a one-person wholesaler,” he continued.

The late Mr Abela had founded Nectar after spending 20 years as a Wholesaler in the tobacco and confectionery sector. This lent him invaluable experience which he was prompt to adapt to his new venture.

Mark Bugeja / LinkedIn

“Over time, Nectar was founded and today, 31 years down the line, the same values are still alive thanks to his children Roderick Abela, Mario Abela, Daniela Bugeja, and Carlos Abela,” Mr Bugeja added.

“Looking forward to the next chapter in this wonderful experience which nowadays employs 190 excellent employees,” he concluded.

By 1997, six years after Mr Abela founded Nectar with his partners, the late Founder had taken full ownership of the company and transformed it into an up-and-coming and forward-looking young corporation.

Mr Galea has been involved with Nectar for just under 14 years, having joined the company back in 2008. His previous professional experiences include a stint as Operations Manager at EuroBridge and a six-and-a-half-year tenure as Shipping Executive at Cassar & Cooper Ltd.

Nectar nowadays represents a wide range of widely popular local and international brands such as Pfanner, Orbit, Three Hills, and Aunt Mabel’s.


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