8 steps to leading and succeeding

23 June 2022
by Joanne Bondin

I have always believed that a great leader could be gauged by the atmosphere they create and by the attitude ...

Don’t ignore the ‘people’ side of change

19 June 2022
by Nathan Farrugia

I’ve coached CEOs and leadership teams across company transformations many times, and it always surprises me how little effort they ...

If you want to start coaching and looking for a coach, these 7 common misconceptions might help

18 June 2022
by Dragan Donkov

There is no need to have a problem that needs fixing to benefit from coaching.

EMIs, or how the future of payments and the future of banks are set to decouple

12 June 2022
by Cenk Kahraman

The time for all financial services to be delivered by a single entity, such as a legacy bank, is fading ...

The importance of guiding intuition with business intelligence

11 June 2022
by Adrian Farrugia

Spend any amount of time reading about great business leaders and you’ll often come across a shared quality they possess ...

3 ways you can revamp your recruitment strategy

7 June 2022
by Francesca Ellul

Sourcing talent is a common pain point for most businesses in Malta. Although there are external elements that affect the ...

Can your company’s culture be a competitive advantage?

5 June 2022
by Richard Muscat Azzopardi

It’s becoming increasingly important to employees to work at a place where they feel that they fit in with the ...

Real success: Seen through the lens of different cultures

4 June 2022
by Viviana Premazzi

Having differences within your company can be a key to success but also an obstacle for the difficulties you might ...

How life coaching can help you reach your full potential as a leader

31 May 2022
by Nazlee Mayhew

Coaching is designed to help people shift their perspective, overcome limiting beliefs and change habits that have kept them stuck ...

Consider these 4 insights to develop your young workforce

30 May 2022
by Tim Mart

Landing a new role is an important milestone in a young individual’s career, and an opportunity for organisations to gain ...

Leaders, do you need to address the communication gap?

28 May 2022
by Michelle Fenech Seguna

Are your key employees well trained to deliver your company's high-stakes presentations? Are your business leaders great at communicating? Are ...

6 practical steps on how to promote psychological safety in your team

24 May 2022
by Dragan Donkov

These practical steps on promoting and improving psychological safety in your team will help you take better care of your ...

10 common traps to avoid when using a coaching leadership style

22 May 2022
by Karl Grech

Coaching is a craft. However, simply having the tools doesn’t make you a craftsperson - any new skill is developed ...

Ask yourself: Do I really need to come to your meeting?

21 May 2022
by Joseph Micallef

Have we not all experienced the amount of effort, time and costs saved, not to mention the critical reduction on ...

The importance of creating cultures of recognition and appreciation at work

14 May 2022
by Dr Angelica Attard

An invitation to organisations and employees to give appreciation and recognition more abundantly at work and to practice receiving it ...

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